Proving Hospital and Health System Value

Part 1 of Our 2015-16 National Meeting Recap Series

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Can't make our 2015-16 national meeting series, need a refresher on any of the content, or want your team to hear it, too? In this webconference series, we're revisiting highlights from our expert presentations.

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About This Webconference

Hospital and health system leaders face the daunting challenge of responding to two—potentially conflicting—market forces.

On one hand, public payers are aggressively pushing toward greater provider integration through population risk. But on the other, private payers and employers are attempting to unbundle the delivery system to secure the lowest price possible, service by service.

Hospitals and health systems must increasingly prove their value, both to the purchasers shopping wholesale for integrated delivery networks and those shopping retail for specific services.

This presentation will provide detailed discussion of Medicare's risk-based payment programs and employers' new health care purchasing options. We'll also explore the state of both public and private health insurance exchanges—and how these new marketplaces are transforming patients into active consumers.

Finally, we'll unpack the key implications for providers, helping leaders craft a strategy to overcome the tension between integration and unbundling.

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Topics: Bundled Payments, Market Trends, Strategy, Health Insurance Exchanges, Health Policy, Pay-for-Performance, Population Health, Care Transformation, Performance Improvement, Continuum Integration, Methodologies