Not Your CEO's Hobby: 10 Tactics to Build a High-Performance M&A Team

Mergers and Acquisitions Series

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What You'll Learn

It’s true, the right merger or acquisition can generate significant benefits for your organization. But how do you know if a deal is right for you?

Poorly thought out deals can lead to reduced operational efficiency and care quality. In extreme cases, bad mergers can collapse entirely, leading to costly divestitures and alienation of care partners. Mergers and acquisitions can’t simply be your CEO’s hobby. With an enormous amount of M&A opportunity to look forward to in 2014, now is the time to invest in a dedicated team to manage your M&A pipeline.

After talking to experts inside and outside the health care industry, we’ve found 10 tactics to help organizations make better decisions about which deals to pursue.

By watching this presentation, you will learn how to:

  • Build or improve an internal M&A function
  • Efficiently examine M&A opportunities to gauge their strategic and financial viability
  • Maximize the value gained from each deal
  • Drive long term success through continuous improvement of the M&A function

Topics: Mergers and Acquisitions, Health Systems, Strategy, Workforce