Managing Avoidable Costs in Prescription Drugs

Capturing a Top Opportunity Across All Populations

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About the Webconference

Many provider organizations are population health managers for their employees, where prescription drug spending is a top opportunity to reduce avoidable costs. As both the provider and the payer for self-insured patients, a focused strategy to better manage prescription drug costs enables organizations to become proficient in partner engagement, care management, and plan management.

In addition to highlighting how organizations are managing prescription drug spending, this webconference includes specific strategies to inflect avoidable costs for populations you’re at risk for—both today and tomorrow.

After participating in this webconference, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand avoidable spending within prescription drug utilization across all payers
  • Leverage key strategies to reduce drug spending
  • Integrate pharmacy into the broader population health management ambition

Presenter: Tomi Ogundimu

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Topics: Strategy, Pharmacy, Supply Chain, Finance, Care Transformation, Performance Improvement, Pharmacy, Service Lines, Clinical Pharmacy, Medication Administration, Quality, Formulary Management, Medication Adherence