High-Risk Patient Care Management

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About the Webconference

For many organizations, the high-risk patient group is the most viable target population for initial care management redesign efforts. This group of patients not only represents a disproportionate share of health care spending, but also includes substantial avoidable costs due to a lack of coordination across providers.

Prioritizing the development of the high-risk patient care management infrastructure allows organizations to optimize the deployment of existing staff, build a comprehensive set of care management resources, and improve care coordination across sites in a principled way, to achieve near-term cost and quality gains.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Identify and prioritize high-risk patients
  • Establish a high-risk care manager role
  • Engage patients and coordinate care across providers

Presenter: Cabell Jonas

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Topics: Care Transformation, Performance Improvement, Care Coordination, Methodologies, Care Management