1. Who should attend this meeting?

This meeting is reserved for members of Advisory Board's Health Care Advisory Board research membership. Specifically, the research we'll present supports the following constituencies:

  • C-suite executives: CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CSOs, CTOs, CMOs, and CNOs
  • Strategists and planning leaders: VPs and directors of strategy, planning, and business development
  • Frontline leaders: Administrative and clinical leaders at the director level and above

2. What will I take away from this meeting?

You can refer to our Agenda tab for a full description of our sessions, but we hope to leave you with:

  • An analysis of the major market forces reshaping the industry and key implications for hospital and health system leaders
  • A playbook for building a winning strategy in the growing but crowded market for ambulatory care
  • Insight into the changing nature of primary care—and how to remain competitive in the long term
  • Lessons on addressing social determinants of health from best-in-class organizations
  • Guidance on how to effectively develop and scale innovations across the enterprise

3. Is there a hashtag for this meeting series?

Yes, and we'd love for you to use it! Tag us and use #HCABmeeting to share what you're hearing at the meeting on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

4. Do I need to prepare anything in advance of the meeting or bring anything with me?

No preparation needed, but you'll need a laptop or other electronic device to view the presentations in real time. If you're interested in getting familiar with our research before you attend, you can visit our website and subscribe to weekly membership emails.

5. How can I catch up on last year's meeting research?

We're glad you asked! Check out these resources to get up to speed:

6. I'm planning to stay overnight. Do you have a hotel block or recommendations?

Yes! Please visit our Locations tab, select the date that you're registered for, and scroll down to view hotel block information.

7. Can you tell me who else is attending?

We will upload an attendee list for each individual date to its respective page a few days before the meeting occurs.

8. Will there be a virtual option?

We're glad you asked! Yes, we will be hosting a virtual meeting toward the end of the series. Check back for the date and registration details.

9. I still have questions. Who is my point of contact?

You can contact our team by emailing yourevents@advisory.com—we'd love to help!