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How do you capture 30 million new patients?

Marie Castelli

As the ACA rolls out across the next few years, state-based health insurance exchanges will expand coverage to millions. We've given you a background on these exchanges and told you what your new patients have in common. So how do you actually deal with this influx?

Ask yourself these questions

Hospitals that prepare to attract and efficiently treat these new customers will benefit from the influx. You need to not only address the universal big-picture considerations—your margin outlook and business development strategy—but also develop a customized approach. Ask yourself:

1. Is my organization equipped to provide preventive care education and services for a diverse population of individuals?
2. Do we have a comprehensive, conveniently located outpatient business capable of capturing and managing new customers with serious chronic illnesses?
3. Is my acute care hospital consistently providing efficient, high-quality inpatient care?
4. Does my system as a whole attract discerning customers with easy-to-navigate elective service offerings?

Your answers should help guide efforts to prepare for, attract, and serve your new patient population.

We're here to help

The Total Margin Scenario Planner can help you further understand the impact of these exchange enrollees and plan for demographic shifts in your patient population. Health Care Advisory Board members can also participate in the Medicare Breakeven Project’s Margin Improvement Intensive to learn strategies specific to your hospital.

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