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Is AI the future of chronic disease health care?

by Brian Chau and Vidal Seegobin January 16, 2020

Around the world, effective chronic disease management remains one of health care’s unmet challenges. In Australia alone, chronic disease presented a $27 billion cost in 2017.

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The #1 barrier to scaling your care management programme (and how to fix it)

by Rachel Zuckerman and Vidal Seegobin January 9, 2020

We've shared previously some of the keys to improving care for high-risk patients: targeting the right patients, tailoring care to each patient's starting point, and addressing non-clinical needs. With these tactics, patients will likely demonstrate better control over their conditions and rely on the hospital less. But what happens next?

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The 5 things that surprised us in health care in 2019

by Vidal Seegobin and The Global Forum research team December 18, 2019

One of our favourite traditions is year-end lists, which can spark debates during this season's slew of holiday parties. And while we hope the majority of your cocktail chatter will focus on topics outside of health care, for the few times it does come up, we wanted to share some of the trends, challenges, and stories that caught our eye this year.

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Leaving 'pilotitis' behind—what it takes to become a full-scale population health manager

Paul Trigonoplos December 12, 2019

Pilotitis (noun) – the act of continuously pursuing small health care projects but never scaling them, leading to duplication and short-lived benefits.

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My personal mindshift on care transformation

Vidal Seegobin November 28, 2019

I'll put my biases up front. Because culture is so hard to quantify and measure, I tend to miss it in my analyses. I know it's important. But it's broad and nebulous. In my ideal world I'd run regressions all day, so datasets are my preferred research currency. 

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Three steps to improve elective care at your organisation—regardless of the political climate

by Asya Igmen and Vidal Seegobin November 21, 2019

One of the top questions we received this year was how to improve outpatient services, particularly elective (or planned) care. While seemingly straightforward, you need to get a number of things right to deliver high-quality elective care.

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Looking to improve access to hyperacute stroke care? Here are some solutions that might help.

by Miles Cottier and Liz Roberts November 7, 2019

Strokes remain one of the world's leading causes of death and disability, killing well over 5 million people annually and representing over half of the total neurological disease burden. The associated costs are huge. The UK, for example, expects to see a spending increase of 194% in stroke care over the next 20 years. The emotional burden is high, too: over 80% of Canadians over the age of 60 are affected by stroke in some way.

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This metric you've never heard of wins partner buy-in

by Jaren Kirkland and Vidal Seegobin October 31, 2019

We are in business to make and keep people healthy. But when we discuss digital solutions, we often frame performance in terms of return on investment (ROI), the amount of financial return generated relative to the initial cost. The use of ROI in isolation is a shortcoming in our industry because ROI measures how the investment improves the business but falls short of measuring how the investment improves outcomes.

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