The Primary Partnership

Working with GPs to Transform Care

With cost, quality, and access pressures more rigorous than ever, hospitals are no longer able to handle complex patient demand; they need primary care to manage these patients in the community. In order to do this, though, primary care needs the resources, scale, and scope that hospitals and payers can provide to reform how it delivers care.

This report offers health care chief executives and strategy leaders a sequential framework and tactics to partner with primary care and reconstruct its delivery model.

Primary Care No Longer Centre of Health System

Modern health care began with general practitioners (GPs) serving as the first line of care for patients.

Over time, however, an explosion of medical knowledge and technological advances led to the aggressive growth of the modern hospital—one of the most complex organisations on the planet, and for many the physical embodiment of health care as they know it.

Emergency departments became one-stop-shops for care, and patients began seeking basic care in hospitals instead of in the community.

primary care external forces

Hospitals and GPs Struggling Alike

Now, hospitals are struggling to meet a demand they were never designed to manage. In order to meet the mandates and budget pressures they face, providers and systems need primary care to manage the majority of patient care in the community, and only refer the most appropriate specialty patients to the hospital.

But the current primary care model is not able to meet the needs of today’s patients, and cannot handle this additional demand. Primary care clinics are often too small and/or busy to deliver either the team-based care that complex patients require, or the immediate access that patients of all complexities increasingly demand.

In short, primary care is in need of reform. However, it often lacks the resources necessary to change on its own. Hospitals and health systems benefit from possessing scale and scope that can support such change, and they can partner with primary care to drive true transformation.

Two Steps to Partner with Primary Care

Though engaging in this work is complex and ambitious, this research provides a framework that organisations can follow to form resilient, long-lasting partnerships with GPs. This will result in a primary care model that is able to adequately care for chronic patients in the community.

primary care master fundamentals

Download this report for:

  • An overview of the current state of primary care
  • Strategies to form a cohesive and robust partnership with primary care
  • Best practices to work alongside GPs to transform the primary care model
  • An in-depth case study on one of the world’s leading population health organisations

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