The State of Care Transformation

A global provider prospective

Start tackling the four questions you should ask about care transformation, while charting a path forward for a successful strategy for integration

The State of Care Transformation

In overwhelming numbers, health care leaders are increasingly turning their agenda to provide more integrated care. There is a consensus among Global Forum charter members that different models of integrated care, which require a more proactive approach to care, are emerging. Yet there is confusion about what all of this market noise actually means for senior executives and whether the concept of integrated care has any meaningful evidence of success.

To be successful in these emerging systems leaders must be creative and collaborative, but most importantly they must be informed. Only those with a broad perspective and deep understanding of market trends will thrive.

Before introducing an agenda to transform care, there are four questions that health care leaders should ask. This research briefing will help leaders begin to tackle these four questions, while charting a clear path forward for a successful strategy for integration.

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