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Leading Digital Transformation

This webinar has been cancelled.

About the Webconference

This webinar has been cancelled.

Local Time: Wednesday, 13 May 2020 at 12:00pm AEST

We’ll look at what ‘digital’ means, how a digital strategy can enable enterprise-level strategies, and what role the executive team should play.

Thing's You'll Learn:

  • Beyond the hype: What does data and digital technology mean for strategy? How do I, as an executive, establish what is real when vendors talk about ‘digital’?
  • Acquisition vs. adoption: What is preventing us from maximising existing and future digital technology? Is it a problem of ideas or execution?
  • The CE’s role: What is my role as a CE in digital strategy? With a limited number of precious hours, where do I invest effort?

Presenters: Vidal Seegobin and Jaren Kirkland