Digital Health Systems Resource Library

Building the health system of the future

From changing models of care, the need to be data-driven, new demands on the health care industry, and pressure from partnerships and governments, you know why you need to develop digital health systems. Becoming a digital health system is not just a project. It's about building a strong platform and developing a set of competencies that enable ongoing operational, strategic, and innovative change.

Health care transformation is redefining and expanding the role for IT. Concurrently, several key technologies are advancing exponentially and converging in unexpected ways to create new, sometimes disruptive capabilities.

Prior to creating a digital health systems strategy, you need to build consensus towards a collaborative approach and set realistic short-and long-term goals and expectations of IT-enablement.

Where do you begin? We have a collection of resources to help you get started on the journey toward digital transformation and the health system of the future.

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