Deconstructed PACS: Definitions, market trends, and evaluation criteria

Find out how rethinking traditional PACS could help you further optimise your EMR, improve patient outcomes, and prevent "locking in" patient data.

Deconstructing PACS

An ongoing theme in the health care industry is the need to make disparate technologies fit together and function seamlessly—particularly in medical imaging.

Although the picture archiving and communication system (PACS) has been the standard for interpreting and accessing imaging studies, the technology has not kept up with today’s imaging needs. With its bad reputation for “locking in” patient data, a legacy PACS model could make for costly upgrades and IT migrations.

This briefing examines "deconstructing" PACS, assembling the core components of the system in a vendor-neutral, standards-based approach, and explains how this model could help to optimise your EMR and improve patient outcomes.

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