Mobility and the Future Hospital: A Resource Guide

The Challenges Of Mobility in Health Care

Mobile technologies can increase access to vital information and help clinicians better communicate and collaborate. These technologies can also assist in providing a real-time view of clinicians, staff, and assets. When combined with patient flow systems and predictive analytics, this lays the foundations for the next generation hospital.

However, this remains an immature and confusing market, which is made more complicated by security risks and the increasing use of personal devices on hospital networks. IT leaders need to manage expectations carefully, allowing clinicians to use mobile technologies while ensuring that patient data is protected.

Tackle mobility challenges proactively—don’t wait for problems (which may strike you really hard)


Key Challenges and Areas for Action

  • Mobile Device Management: How do you securely manage a diversity of corporate and personal mobile devices?
  • Asset Tracking and Locationing: What are the best, most cost-effective ways to track assets, staff, and patients?
  • Medical Devices and Telehealth: How do you protect and manage network-enabled medical devices inside and outside of hospital settings?
  • Digital Hospital: How will IT and mobility change how hospitals work and how can leaders prepare?

Resources to Get You Started

Mobile Device Management

Get strategies and tactics for supporting a wide range of mobile devices and applications while protecting sensitive information.

Mobility-Enabled Process Improvement

Learn how to use mobile technology to track assets, patients, and staff, resulting in time savings, lower costs, and a foundation for streamlining care processes.

The Future Hospital

Find out how to plan your mobile technology strategy to get a head start on creating a "digital hospital".

  • IT Considerations for New Hospital Facilities provides practical planning tips for new or renovated hospital facilities. Careful planning of IT and facilities requirements at the outset of hospital design will enable hospital leaders to make the most of emerging technologies and put them in the best possible position for success.

How We Can Help

Mobility Strategy Review

  • We can review your mobility strategy to identify potential issues and recommend effective solutions.
  • We can help you navigate the wide range of emerging technologies and understand how these might affect your plans.

Business Case and Procurement Support

  • We can help you understand the advantages and challenges of various vendor approaches to assist you in making better procurement decisions.
  • We can help you identify effective metrics to monitor how well your mobility solution is meeting expectations.

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