Enterprise Content Management and Vendor-Neutral Archives Convergence

Why buy both?


Producing a comprehensive view of a patient’s medical profile is a key challenge for health care organisations moving to value-based care. This problem only becomes more difficult with time, as clinicians demand access to both diagnostic images and related non-imaging content across multiple specialties (radiology, cardiology, pathology, etc.).

Not only is the overall volume and size of clinical content growing exponentially, but so are security, retention, and mobility requirements. To address these various challenges, health care organisations need a unified content management platform that provides timely, accurate, and patient-centred care.

This research briefing outlines how to achieve this goal by combining vendor-neutral archive (VNA) and enterprise content management (ECM) systems. Keep reading to learn how VNA and ECM solutions differ, the benefits of a converged platform, and action steps to start developing a deployment strategy.

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