Hackers are after your health care records

Not if, but when

Nouran Ragaban, Senior Analyst

Health care leads all sectors in the number of records compromised this year. In 2016, we have seen several health care systems across the world taken hostage by cyber criminals, disabling their IT systems and demanding ransoms to restore compromised networks. Gone are the days where human error (i.e. lost device or thumb drive) was the primary concern. We have entered an era where deliberate criminal attacks and data breaches prevail.

Health care systems are increasingly reliant on IT in every dimension of care and business operations. The health care sector is uniquely vulnerable to data breaches, but unlike other industries, the risks are greater. IBM and the Ponemon Institute found data breaches cost health care organisations worldwide an average of €332 (£285/$355) per record. These risks are real and their potential for harm—financial and otherwise—is staggering.

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