Think telemedicine is displacing demand for in-person visits? Think again.

Katy Watters, Analyst

You’ve heard it over and over again: virtual visits can help providers expand access to care, address primary care physician shortages, and lower health care costs. Yet as the adoption of virtual consults continues to rise nationwide, Facility Planning Forum members have been asking an important question: What will this mean for the demand for brick-and-mortar facilities and in-person exams?

To explore the impact of telehealth on exam room demand, we sat down with Dr. Gopal Chopra, CEO of pingmd, a tech startup with an easy-to-use application that allows providers to connect with patients and other clinical staff right from their smartphone.

The major takeaway? Telehealth innovators like pingmd have the potential to increase—not decrease—the number of in-person exams by expanding physician capacity.

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