Project Management Tools

Tools for all aspects of the improvement process

These tools will help structure the main components of process improvement projects. They will help you to build an improvement team, establish milestones, track progress, design metrics, and measure outcomes.

The tools are organised to match the improvement process, with the tools you will likely need first at the top of the list and the tools that will become useful later in the process at the bottom.

Strategic Plan Template

This customisable template provides direction on the four steps of the planning process: performance analysis, market assessment, strategic plan design, and plan evaluation. Use it to to develop a strategic plan that you can update at any time to reflect your organisation's changing priorities.

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Message Maps Tool

This customisable template helps to refine messaging prior to important meetings and decisions that require buy-in from various parties. Use it to create ready-to-present plans aligned with your organisations' priorities.

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Feasibility Short Form

This tool helps to quickly identify implementation barriers for new projects.  It includes questions related to the most critical, common, and often overlooked implementation barriers.  The tool can be used in two instances: 1) early project development OR 2) prioritising among potential projects.

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