Minimise unnecessary emergency department visits with a PACER programme

Provide expedited, patient-focused care

PACER: Police, Ambulance, and Clinical Early Response program

See how the PACER model can help you reduce emergency department demand, decrease length of stay, and provide more appropriate care for mental health patients.

With limited knowledge of other options and few available community resources, police often select the emergency department (ED) as the safest and most straightforward option for patients who suffer from behavioural and mental health issues—even though the ED is not an ideal site of care for these patients.

The Police, Ambulance, and Clinical Early Response (PACER) team counters this situation by creating a partnership between the police and mental health services, designed to improve care and maximise police and hospital resources.

The PACER team includes a police officer and a mental health clinician on-call at the local police station. The clinician accompanies the police on behavioural calls, determining the best course of care on scene and often avoiding a trip to the ED.