Q&A: How one chief medical officer raised new-hire engagement

Dr Dave Evans, chief medical officer at Northumbria Healthcare

We all want doctors with the finest clinical training and skills, and most organisations have good mechanisms for evaluating potential new hires in those areas. But to ensure your medical staff functions as a cohesive unit, you also want to hire doctors who fit your culture.

Several years ago, Dr Dave Evans, chief medical officer at Northumbria Healthcare in northern England, noticed that new doctors on his staff were struggling to adapt. He hired an external consultancy to assess the situation.

Despite their superior clinical know-how, some new hires lacked the communication skills and empathy necessary to thrive at Northumbria. So Dr Evans worked with groups from across his organisation to pinpoint the non-clinical competencies new doctors need.

Assess your hospital-doctor relationships

Today, Northumbria doctor candidates undergo a two-day interview process designed to assess both clinical and non-clinical ability. We spoke with Dr Evans to learn more.

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