Demonstrating quality commitment to front line

Sentara Healthcare case study

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February 13, 2013  |  Clinical Best Practice Collaborative

The chief nursing officer of one of Sentara Healthcare’s hospitals discusses the effect executive walkrounds and safety check-ins had on quality care.

Safety is built into the day-to-day routines of nearly everyone involved in patient care. The focus is specifically on identifying problems before they happen, and providing a systems perspective to the quality improvement process to ensure errors and near-misses don't reoccur.

The effectiveness of this approach goes beyond identifying problems. By dedication time to this process, executives have proved to the front line their entire leadership team is passionate about making Sentara hospitals safer for patients.

Members of the Clinical Operations Board, to learn more about Sentara’s executive walkrounds and safety check-ins, read "Demonstrating Quality Commitment to Front Line," a lesson from our study Transformational Quality.