Nurse practitioner for acute
aged care

Treating patients in the community to reduce unnecessary ED visits


Nurse practitioner for acute aged care cover

The challenge

Aged care facilities are often poorly supported in managing patient conditions. Exacerbations from chronic conditions and dehydration, among others, lead staff to send high volumes of patients to the emergency department for conditions that could have been treated in the community.

The organization

Coffs Harbour Health Campus is a regional referral hospital in New South Wales, Australia, with 35,000 ED visits annually.

The approach

Coffs Harbour Health Campus developed the Nurse Practitioner (NP) for Acute Aged Care role to treat patients in the community and decrease ED presentations from aged care facilities.

The result

During the first year this role was in place, the NP was able to make 1,000 care home visits, avoiding an estimated 750 emergency department visits.

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