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Are providers satisfied with your care management program?

Here's the fourth part of our series on improving PCP referrals to care management. Check out part 1, part 2, and part 3.

Building support with physicians is an important part of successfully integrating care management into primary care practices. However, strong initial support does not guarantee long-term success. To help care management leaders evaluate the program, teams are conducting provider satisfaction surveys across a number of key dimensions of the program.

Sample survey questions

As you think about the right survey for your own organization, some of the key attributes we’ve seen include:

  • I would recommend other primary care practices integrate care management

  • I would recommend the care management program to other patients

  • The care management process is smooth and efficient

  • The care management leadership team is responsive to primary care staff feedback

  • Staff in my practice understand the role of care managers and trust them

Making the most of your survey roll out

If you invest the resources in a survey, make sure to get the best response rate by following these four important steps:

  1. Brand the survey—clearly define the purpose and goals with a catchy message or phrase

  2. Select a survey messenger who can drive maximum accountability—ask a widely recognized and respected figure to motivate staff to complete the survey

  3. Determine the right time to launch the survey—link the survey to an internal event to announce the survey to the largest group of participants and encourage participation

  4. Time reminders to encourage participation—incorporate in-person conversations, targeted email outreach, and physical and virtual reminders to capture attention; foster friendly competition between departments or groups by posting survey response rates

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