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Your weapon for fighting 'scope creep'

by Rebecca Tyrrell, MS

As a population health manager, odds are you’re overseeing a multitude of existing programs and initiatives while being encouraged to kick off new ones. The energy, sentiment, and potential impact of this work is thrilling, but may also feel daunting at times as you’re asked to make large decisions on relatively short timelines.

As pressure builds to do more now, the most helpful thing you can do is to pause and ensure that any new initiative you undertake starts with a clearly scoped plan of work.

Having a tightly defined project plan ensures you have the necessary resources to achieve the goals you set out to achieve and are not derailed by related, but out-of-scope requests that have the potential to negatively impact your timeline, budget, staff morale, and outcomes. Here's how we break down elements of an effective project plan.

More ways to prepare for change

A centralized change calendar offers a simple way to prioritize and re-sequence initiatives to strategically spread them out over time. Best of all? You just need Microsoft Excel.