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Map your organization's transition to population health

by Megan Clark

While the end goal of population health is clear, the transition path couldn’t be murkier. Here are our top three resources mapping out the transition path to population health.

First, our colleagues just published an infographic that helps organizations see how far along they are on the path to value-based care, with helpful guidance on key investments for each stage. Looking for more details? Check out our guide to transitioning the physician network, payment strategy, and care model. Finally, view our recommended top ten opportunities for care management.

Where do you fall on the path to value-based care?


From building a care management team, to investing in IT and analytics, to economic modeling and managing key payer contracts—there are what might seem like endless activities on the road to population health management.

But in our research on population health management and through experience with organizations across the country, we generally find that health systems fall on a spectrum—with the most successful organizations investing in the fundamentals of each category before moving on to the next.

Looking for a deeper dive?


Every blueprint for care transformation should focus on three core areas:

  • Assemble a strong physician network and align goals: Start with a strong network of physicians who are engaged in system-wide performance goals
  • Craft a sustainable value-based payment strategy: Whether you lead with care transformation or payment transformation, you'll need to follow six steps to make sure both models are aligned
  • Establish ambitious clinical standards for delivery system redesign: Learn the key steps for delivery system redesign

Looking for the top opportunities for care management?


Care management redesign can seem like a never-ending process, as demands greatly outweigh available time and resources. So we asked over 1,000 care management frontline staff and leaders to assess their own progress on 39 improvement drivers.

To identify the top 10 opportunities, we compared the responses of staff members who are highly satisfied and approve of their organization’s care management model to the responses of the remainder of the staff.

Four care management strategies that work

With 20% of patients moving into the high-risk category each year, population health managers face an uphill battle to achieve both good outcomes and financial profitability. Read our case studies to see how four organizations successfully implemented a care management strategy.