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Iora Health on Dr. Zubin 'ZDoggMD' Damania's new clinic

Cabell Jonas

Dr. Zubin Damania, also known as "ZDoggMD," has attracted a lot of press lately for his humorous and edgy videos about health care delivery, clinical news, and patient self-management.

So when a recent article mentioned he was starting an innovative clinic focused on patient-centered care, we took notice. Turns out Dr. Damania is teaming up with another innovator we are very familiar with: Iora Health.

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Two central elements of Iora Health’s clinic model

Iora Health's clinics in Las Vegas, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and New York, showcase a new model of comprehensive care for the highest-risk echelon of patients in self-insured employer populations.

Employers pay a flat monthly fee per patient to have the clinic manage their employees' health. Iora Health’s model includes two central features that support wraparound care:

Team-based care. Iora Health deploys a team-based care model, with the PCP supported by both a nurse and a non-clinical health coach. The nurse (RN or NP) oversees disease management, assists in care plan development, and ensures care plan progression in coordination with the health coach. The health coach serves as a primary point of contact for patients—helping patients understand their care, impacting clinical change (via phone, email, and in person), and assisting with social needs.

A coordinated IT platform. Developed at Iora Health to meet the organization’s specific needs, the IT system provides timely updates on patient clinical status, gathered from local hospital census data and pharmaceutical alerts. A list of outstanding clinical and care management tasks keeps the care team aware of and accountable for meeting patient needs.

Dr. Damania’s clinic extends care delivery to all individuals

According to Iora Health CEO Rushika Fernandopulle, MD, MPP, Dr. Damania’s new Downtown medical practice will further revitalize health care delivery in Las Vegas.

Dr. Damania’s new clinic will cater to all individuals by delivering primary care for a monthly fee similar to Iora’s subscription-style clinic, providing both in-person consults and access to caregivers over email or phone. The new clinic will serve all patients, not just those in the highest-risk tier.

"We are very excited to be working with Zubin Damania and Tony Hsieh in Las Vegas. Like other aspects of the Downtown project, it is an opportunity to start from scratch and build a health delivery system the right way.

We are confident we will be able to deliver higher value primary care for the patients we serve, and be a model to help catalyze larger health system change in Las Vegas and beyond." —Dr. Rushika Fernandopulle, CEO, Iora Health

As disruptive innovation continues to shake up the health care delivery space, hospitals and health systems must rethink their care management and clinic models to remain competitive—and population health managers will have to successfully implement these models to serve patients comprehensively over time.

Take an informed approach to innovation

To decide if Iora Health's model is the right fit for your organization, see page 19 of the appendix in our study, High-Risk Care Management, for a table that compares Iora Health’s approach to other high-risk patient care management approaches.

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