6 steps to optimize CV organizational and leadership structures

Cardiovascular program leadership and organizational structures

See six core lessons and accompanying case studies to learn how to manage service line structural change, develop an effective reporting structure, and enhance service line leadership.


CV programs have been developing cardiovascular service lines for years, but there’s no standard definition of what a service line entails. We define it as having a dedicated administrative body, a discrete budget, and a unified strategic plan.

Although 80% of CV programs say they have a service line model, only 40% of them meet these three service line criteria. And even those with a model may not be optimized for success: CV service lines have traditionally been organized around the acute enterprise with the key aim of growing volumes, but now they must respond to new mandates such as providing cross-continuum, patient-centered, cost-effcient care.

When it comes to CV service line organizational and leadership models, there is no "right answer" for all programs. And there is typically no end state—it is usually a work in progress. These six steps and associated tools will assist you in defining the org chart and governance structure that’s right for you.


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