Webconference Recording

Cardiovascular Ambulatory Strategy

Make informed outpatient service placement decisions

About the Webconference

While CV increasingly is an ambulatory business, most program leaders focus primarily on their inpatient and hospital outpatient service strategy. But todays' priorities make it virtually impossible for the service line to ignore the ambulatory setting. Payers and patients are looking for lower-cost sites, CV program leaders are looking for lower-cost ways to deliver care, and hospitals are seeing greater competition for CV market share from ambulatory facilities.

This webconference will address two key questions CV programs face when evaluating their ambulatory strategy: when to shift services from HOPD to ambulatory, and how to address competition from freestanding facilities.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • An overview of the transforming ambulatory CV care landscape
  • Tactics to evaluate service placement in the HOPD vs. ambulatory setting
  • Strategies to address competition from freestanding facilities