Profiles of Innovative CV Service Line Models

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About the Webconference

CV service line structures must align with strategic aims. In many cases, this means disrupting the traditional service line organizational and governance models.

This webconference showcases four in-depth case profiles of institutions that have introduced innovative service line structures to meet their strategic goals of reorganizing around diseases, orienting toward outpatient care, scaling across sites, or promoting care redesign. Each profile details key changes to the org chart, purview of the new service line, enhancements to the leadership models, and improvements to committee structures.

What You'll Learn:

  • In-depth program profiles from institutions that have altered their reporting and governance structures  
  • Sample org charts, leadership models, and committee structures  
  • How to build the infrastructure to support disease centers, focus on ambulatory care, coordinate across system campuses, and promote care redesign

Topics: Service Lines, Strategy, Organizational Models, Workforce, Leadership, Governance, Management Tools, Performance Improvement