Optimize program infrastructure, partnerships, and market capture

What is the CV service line's value proposition under value-based care? Should you change your leadership structure to support this new identity? How do you optimize your physician relationships and CV network to advance your market position? You'll get answers to these questions and more at the 2014-15 Cardiovascular Roundtable national meeting series, The New Best-in-Class Cardiovascular Program.

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Blueprint for Cardiovascular Care Management

When it comes to developing a complex care management strategy, cardiovascular program leaders can’t afford to wait. But since comprehensive care management is still a new competency for many programs, they often don't know how to get started.

Our study, Blueprint for Cardiovascular Care Management, offers a step-by-step solution. You'll not only learn what a successful care management plan looks like, but how to develop and implement one of your own.Download your copy

Responding to the Two-Midnight Rule

While the two-midnight "probe-and-educate" period has been extended and legal challenges have begun, hospitals still face the prospect of audits and payment denials from Medicare Administrative Contractors.

We’ve put together a white paper detailing five steps you can take to minimize your two-midnight related risk. SEE THE STEPS