Cardiovascular Rounds

CV executives survey: Align your priorities with those of hospital executives

by Olivia Ley

Increasingly, we’re seeing the role of the CV administrator extend beyond the traditional bounds of inpatient operational and program management. As service line accountability widens across more of the care continuum, CV administrators are taking on more strategic responsibilities.

But how should you be setting your strategy? With so many competing priorities, it is imperative that CV service line leaders are working in alignment with the C-suite. The Cardiovascular Roundtable recently surveyed our membership to find out what components of the CV services line hospital executives view as critical keys to success.

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We're using the results of our survey to provide exclusive benchmarking on service line leadership and organizational structures. One of the many insights we’ve gained through the results is how executives are rating the importance of different aspects of the CV service line in the midst of a volatile health care environment.

Find out what is most important to hospital executives and how you can leverage available Cardiovascular Roundtable resources to start focusing more on those aspects of your CV business.

The top three CV strategies executives are calling ‘extremely important’

  1. Clinical quality. The core of CV service line success still hinges on exceptional clinical quality. Given the complexity of our patients, who are often suffering from multiple comorbidities, and the large proportion of high-end procedures in the CV service line portfolio, the ability to deliver on quality outcomes remains the cornerstone of CV service line success.

    For guidance on how to improve quality while under financial pressure check out our study, The New Economics of Quality.

    Top resources on enhancing CV quality:

  2. Physician alignment. As competition across provider markets has intensified, many hospitals have rushed to acquire or affiliate with their local physician practices.

    With the rapid upsurge in physician employment, hospital executives are looking to their CV administrators for assistance on how to successfully align and subsequently manage physician relationships to enhance service line performance.

    Top resources on enhancing CV growth:

  3. Growth strategy. Given the decline of traditional CV volumes, CV service line administrators will have to find innovative ways to grow their business. As one of the most continuously influential service lines on hospitals’ bottom lines, ensuring steady future growth will continue to be of paramount importance to your hospital executives.

    We discussed how to reframe your cardiovascular growth strategy at last year’s national meeting.

    Top resources on enhancing CV growth:

Learn more at our national meeting

For more survey results and analysis on service line leadership and organizational structures, be sure to join us at our 2014-2015 national meeting series.


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