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ECMO could significantly increase cardiac arrest survival rate. Here's what you need to know.

by Megan Tooley and Asya Igmen March 14, 2018

Every year, only 10% of the 350,000 people who suffer out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in the United States survive. The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center recently adopted a protocol that may improve that rate to 40%, according to initial research.

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Our take on the big PCI controversy

By Megan Tooley, Aaron Mauck, and Sebastian Beckmann February 27, 2018

ORBITA, the double-blind, randomized control trial on percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) in stable angina, revealed a worrying result: Researchers found that PCI was no better than a placebo in relieving participants' chest pain.

Both patient groups in the study underwent a rigorous medical optimization process, then half received a drug-eluting stent while the other half went through a sham intervention. While both cohorts saw an improvement in exercise capacity, reported chest pain, and quality of life In the six-week follow-up period, the PCI group performed no better than the placebo group.

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This Valentine's Day, get 3 lessons on optimizing your cardiac rehab program

Megan Tooley , Julie Bass February 13, 2018

While Feb. 14 is Valentine's Day, the cardiovascular community already has a full week of celebration planned: Feb. 11-17 marks AACVPR's National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week. We recently hosted a webconference, "How to Optimize Your Cardiac Rehab Program," with AACVPR (American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation) experts Tom Draper and Dr. Todd Brown. Here are three takeaways from the discussion.

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How Hartford Hospital adopted conscious sedation for TAVR

By Megan Tooley and Marissa Schwartz Schaffer January 4, 2018

Since its inception, TAVR has been one of the most exciting innovations in cardiovascular services. In recent years, TAVR has seen significant clinical advancements, leading both to better quality outcomes, and to opportunities for structural heart programs to become more efficient and cost-effective.

Indeed, with TAVR's burgeoning growth and positive forecasts for future volumes, achieving these dual aims of enhanced efficiency and high-quality outcomes will be imperative for structural heart programs to succeed.

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Access CV utilization trends in your region

By Megan Tooley and Marissa Schaffer November 22, 2017

In today’s rapidly changing CV market, it’s critical to understand where and when services are being utilized. The Cardiovascular Roundtable has just updated our Regional Utilization Profiler tool to give our members access to market-specific utilization rates for over 40 inpatient and outpatient CV services.

The tool enables you to easily select your regions of interest and receive instant access to per-capita Medicare utilization rates—both for the patient population overall and at the diagnosis-specific level. You can also compare your market to a self-selected cohort of other markets, and examine trends from 2012 to 2016.

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Sentara Heart Hospital's secrets to success for complex CAD patient care coordination

by Alicia Daugherty and Carrie Wolf October 20, 2017

Coronary artery disease (CAD), which affects 15.5 million U.S. adults, is the leading cause of death in America. Despite many efforts to reduce the burden of this disease through innovations in medical therapies, revascularization techniques, and technological innovations, hospitals continue to face significant challenges treating these patients.

In particular, patients with complex CAD characterized by left-main coronary disease or multi-vessel blockages have proven particularly challenging to treat due to patient under-identification, clinical complexity compounded by a lack of standardized treatment practices, and resource-intensiveness.

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5 takeaways from the 2017 Napa Atrial Fibrillation Symposium

Megan Tooley , Julie Bass September 21, 2017

Last month, the Cardiovascular Roundtable had the opportunity to both attend and present at the 2017 Napa Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Symposium in Napa Valley, California. The symposium—hosted by the St. Helena Hospital Foundation in partnership with Gather Napa Valley and co-sponsored by the Heart Rhythm Society—was a three-day meeting of the minds of the country's leading experts in atrial fibrillation. Electrophysiologists, CV surgeons, cardiologists, primary care providers, AF care coordinators, and hospitals administrators spent the weekend learning and sharing best practices.

Here are our five biggest takeaways from the weekend.

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The case for palliative care in CV

by Megan Tooley and Marissa (Schwartz) Schaffer September 6, 2017

In recent years, palliative care has received growing attention in the press and become top-of-mind for many CV leaders. Hospitals across the country are making strides in adoption, thanks to palliative care's promise to enhance quality and reduce costs. But in the CV service line, palliative care still doesn't get the attention it deserves.

Read on to learn why palliative care should be a priority at your CV program—and how to get the ball rolling.

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