At the Margins

Quick poll: Tell us about your outpatient CDI capabilities

by Eric Fontana and Robin Brand

Inpatient clinical documentation improvement (CDI) programs are fairly ubiquitous at most hospitals. The reason is obvious: More accurate documentation helps optimize reimbursement by accurately capturing patient acuity.

However, progressive organizations are now considering the impact of clinical documentation beyond reimbursement alone, to include quality performance and risk adjustment—and are realizing they can't limit their CDI efforts to the inpatient space in order to achieve those goals.

Even still, outpatient CDI programs are rare. According a 2016 survey by the Association of Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists (ACDIS), only 10% of hospitals have an outpatient CDI program, although 20% of hospitals plan to extend CDI into the outpatient space within the year.

We just launched a research study to provide guidance on how hospitals should approach the challenge of outpatient CDI. We'll be presenting our findings at the November Revenue Cycle Summit (click here for more information). To gain insight into the prevalence of outpatient CDI, we'd appreciate your input via the survey questions below:

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