At the Margins

3 trends we're following as our 2017 Revenue Cycle Survey kicks off

by Eric Fontana

Since 2006, Advisory Board has compiled and published data on revenue cycle performance from hospitals across the country. Our revenue cycle benchmarking data collection for 2017 is now live.

Here are some of the key findings from our last survey in 2015.

1. Previous gains in AR Days performance were slowly slipping

Operational improvement led to a significant reduction in AR days across the cohort, up until 2011. Since that time, not only has median performance been flat, but the gap between high and low performers has widened.

2. Demographic and technical errors accounted for more denials than ever

A larger proportion of denials coming from demographic and technical errors suggest that front-end performance should be a focal point.

3. High performers spent less on staff

Breaking out expenses by category shows that high performers in AR spend slightly less on staff than low performers. So it is not clear that just spending more on staffing improves revenue cycle performance.

See the new paradigm for business office success

In today’s market, business offices need to be comprehensive, automated, and predictive as they manage payers, engage patients, and optimize internal teams.

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