Health care is not short on novel ideas on ways to transform and improve how we improve quality, access, and experience while decreasing costs. The challenge for executives is finding and prioritising the ones that work.

The Global Forum for Health Care innovators operates in over 30 countries identifying those frontier ideas, case studies, and developments in health care that are worth your time.

Our research teams vet and filter for the ones that consistently show results. And our on-demand experts, presentations, frameworks, and tools speed up your efforts to make the ideas work for you.



Private briefings

for boards, executives teams, partners, clinicians, task forces

Peer-to-peer forums

to pressure test strategic alternatives for your organisation

Ready-to-present slides

to build customised presentations

Strategy audits

conducted by lead researchers with multi-region perspectives

Strategy retreats

co-designed and facilitated by regional experts

Expert consulations

on your schedule to answer your questions

What our members say

“The Global Forum first helped me provide the context needed to explain the benefits of integration to the our Board. Their retreat then helped us think through where we were at and what we needed to do going forward”

-COO, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

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