Health care leaders are under tremendous pressure, and are being tested in new ways by Covid-19. Craig Pirner, Managing Director of Advisory Board’s Talent Development division, will host five episodes of the Radio Advisory podcast and discuss topics relevant to leadership amid crisis— uncertainty, stress, empathy, teamwork, and vulnerability. Click on the episode titles below to learn more about and listen to the episodes:

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Craig Pirner

More about Craig Pirner

Craig Pirner leads Advisory Board’s team of leadership development experts and partners with health care systems on the design and delivery of leadership development programs. He has facilitated 1,000+ workshops at 200+ organizations around the globe and has worked with executives, managers, and clinicians.

Help your leaders shine amid and beyond Covid-19

We are navigating through unprecedented times and, to quote the esteemed Marshall Goldsmith, what got you here won’t get you there. Health care leaders today need to be thinking differently, leading thoughtfully and harnessing the power of teamwork. Contact Katie Esposito to learn more about how our virtual classroom offerings can help.