The Pipeline

New tool: Rationalise your hybrid OT investments across hospitals

by Jacob Kahane

In the past year, the most-requested member project was the customised Hybrid Operating Theatre (OT) Business Plan. Today, health system planners continue to receive requests for hybrid OT investment from hospitals across the system, including both academic medical centers and community hospitals.

But in a time of limited resources, the high cost of the room makes investing in a hybrid OT at every requesting hospital impossible for most systems. For this reason, health systems must think acutely about how to identify the optimal hospital, or hospitals, for hybrid OT investment.

The right decision depends on more than just current cardiovascular case mix

When determining the ideal location for hybrid OT investment, it is important to consider a wide variety of clinical, programmatic, and strategic factors. Through our work with organisations across the globe on hybrid OT investment strategy, one thing is clear: the most successful hybrid OTs are not necessarily located at hospitals with the highest volumes of cardiovascular procedures.

While having a strong case mix of complex procedures is a critical ingredient for successful programs, the hospitals with the most efficient and effective hybrid OT utilisation also have the necessary programmatic infrastructure to support a successful implementation.

For example, we see many programs assigning too much control of the room to a select group of doctors. This usually results in underutilisation and cross specialty turf wars, as other doctors struggle to reserve room time. To help avoid this issue, top programs centralise room scheduling under a hybrid OT gatekeeper and establish transparent case prioritisation protocols. During the decision making process, system administrators should evaluate which of the requesting hospitals have the leadership and administrative capacity to establish these operational protocols.

A tool to prioritise hybrid OT investments between hospitals

Our new Hybrid OT Rationalisation Grid will help you conceptualise all the investment dynamics that are critical to prioritising the hybrid OT investment between multiple hospitals. Simply enter the requesting hospitals' names into the "rationalisation grid" worksheet and begin evaluating the appropriateness of the investment across our top 24 decision making criteria. As you use the tool, refer to the scoring guidance worksheet for detailed descriptions of the criteria and benchmarks for scoring.