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Primary care transformation is hard. Here's how New York State is making it easier.

by Tomi Ogundimu and Abby Burns July 19, 2018

Providers pursue primary care 'transformation' to move primary care delivery away from the traditional fee-for-service model and toward a model that supports value-based, patient-centred care. A common first move is to pursue the Patient-Centred Medical Home (PCMH) model. The PCMH model varies from country to country, but in general there are four non-negotiable building blocks that a practice must have before being granted PCMH status: enhanced access, team-based care, coordinated care across the continuum, and patient-centred care (which is predicated on increased patient engagement). PCMHs are also generally either capitated or have a blended fee-for-service payment structure that incentivises improved outcomes more.

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Coordination isn't just for patients: How one system is 'coordinating the coordinators'

by Rebecca Tyrrell and Carolyn Buys July 12, 2018

As providers expand care management services across patient populations, managing the various stakeholders involved in coordinating care is becoming more challenging.

A high-risk patient diagnosed with cancer, for example, could simultaneously be managed by an oncology nurse navigator and a primary care coordinator. However, these individuals may not communicate regularly or have a clear understanding of who ultimately "owns" certain coordination functions. As a result, efforts may be duplicated, certain tasks might fall through the cracks, and patients may become overwhelmed.

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6 key insights on systemness, distilled from a year of CEO roundtables

by Vidal Seegobin and Liz Jones July 5, 2018

We recently wrapped up our meeting series for our research on 'systemness' ('From Silos to Systems'). Over the last year, we've held chief executive roundtables in Denmark, London, Toronto, and Sydney. It has been a great privilege to share this research on network integration with our diverse membership, and conversation was rich across the meetings.

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Oxford University Hospital's CEO opens up on his partnership with Mayo Clinic, the future of AI, and more

by Andrew Rosen and Liz Jones June 28, 2018

Andrew Rosen, the former executive director of Advisory Board International, sat down recently for a wide-ranging discussion with Dr Bruno Holthof, the CEO of Oxford University Hospitals in the UK. Among the topics they discussed: how Oxford is teaming up with Mayo Clinic, the upsides and downsides of working in a publicly funded health system, and how Oxford's 800-year history informs his approach to innovation today.

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Stanford Health's CEO can't remember his life-altering crash. But his approach to care has never been the same.

Eric Larsen, Managing Partner, June 21, 2018

Welcome to the 'Lessons from the C-suite' series, featuring Managing Partner Eric Larsen's conversations with the most influential leaders in health care.

In this edition, David Entwistle, president and CEO of Stanford Health Care, talks to Eric about being one of the youngest health system CEOs, how artificial intelligence is—and isn't—going to revolutionise health care, and chipping away at the 'CEO code'.

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Don't miss these 5 opportunities to reduce readmissions

Rebecca Tyrrell June 14, 2018

For years, experts have cited poor care transitions as a major contributor to waste and less-than-optimal clinical outcomes. While efforts to improve transitions—especially in post-discharge—and prevent readmissions are not new, the urgency to improve is growing given the financial and quality pressures many systems are facing.

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"Why not us?": How Kevin Vermeer seeks to disrupt health care from the helm of UnityPoint Health

by Eric Larsen, Managing Partner, June 7, 2018

Welcome to the 'Lessons from the C-suite' series, featuring Managing Partner Eric Larsen's conversations with the most influential leaders in health care.

In this edition, Kevin Vermeer, president and CEO of UnityPoint Health in Iowa, US, talks with Eric about his approach toward recruitment, why the industry needs to go 'all in' on value-based care, and how 'gratitude journals' are reshaping the culture of UnityPoint Health.

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Seven lessons on developing a sustainable community partnership

by Tomi Ogundimu and Clare Wirth May 31, 2018

The continued acceleration of value-based payments has many providers investing energy into addressing the social determinants of health. Because these are community-based issues, providers often rely on partnerships with community-based organisations to help turn the dial.

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