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Are patient-management apps a 'magic bullet' for chronic disease management? Not quite yet.

by Darby Sullivan and Tomi Ogundimu and October 4, 2018

Population health leaders have been investing in chronic disease management efforts for years, but the management challenge is not getting easier. Today, some providers are integrating IT-based innovations into their care models, including self-management applications and platforms that have measured promising results.

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Will smartphones become the hub of your digital patient strategy? Apple thinks so.

Greg Kuhnen , Peter Kilbridge September 27, 2018

Mobile health apps have been promoted as a solution to everything from chronic disease management to medication compliance to wellness coaching—but, on the whole, these apps haven't lived up to early hype or generated significant patient engagement. Most patient-facing health apps deliver a mediocre user experience: They require tedious data entry, don't bring together all of the relevant information, and sometimes raise privacy concerns about how data will be used. However, new options for connecting patient-focused apps to EMRs may unlock a more useful, engaging, and out-of-the-box experience.

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Have you unknowingly built your high-risk strategy to fail?

Vidal Seegobin September 20, 2018

About a year ago, I was presenting to a health system board in Northern England. We were talking about population health management—specifically, where organisations doing this work should start. The conversation quickly turned to the system's frequent users of care. We call these patients 'high-risk' for their higher propensity for unplanned interactions with the health system. Since high-risk patients often represent the largest costs to a system, this is where most providers choose to focus first.

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How postal workers are bending the cost curve in States of Jersey

Vidal Seegobin , Petra Esseling , Paul Trigonoplos September 13, 2018

You've probably heard that one-in-five rising-risk patients escalate into the high-risk group every year, and that to be a successful population health manager, you need to provide proactive support to prevent such escalation. That's easier said than done for many. After all, we're talking about ~30% of the population.

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Exclusive Q&A: Meet Mayo Clinic's next CEO, Gianrico Farrugia

Thomas Seay, Editor-in-Chief and Jackie Kimmell, Senior Analyst August 30, 2018

On 10 August, Mayo Clinic announced that Gianrico Farrugia will take over as the organisation's president and CEO beginning in January 2019. Shortly after the announcement, Farrugia and Mayo's current president and CEO, Dr John Noseworthy (whom we spoke with earlier this year), spoke with the Advisory Board about why Mayo remains committed to doctor leadership, its strategy for growth, and the three biggest challenges Farrugia will take on as CEO.

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CEO Q&A: How being 'unfailingly kind' has shaped the culture at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Foundation Trust

Liz Jones August 23, 2018

In this interview with Advisory Board International, Lesley Watts, Chief Executive at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (which manages Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and West Middlesex University Hospital and a range of community based clinics) shares how her nursing career has influenced her leadership, what the 'Fab Change Week' is, and her approach to succession planning and staff development.

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Trying to engage your doctors with limited resources? Here's how to prioritise.

by Jennifer Stewart and Gabbie DeCuir August 16, 2018

Last fall, we asked CMOs across our membership to share their top priorities for the coming year. Among both system and facility leaders, a single issue rose to the #1 spot: doctor engagement. This comes as no surprise, given the positive impact that strong engagement has on provider burnout, patient experience, care variation reduction, care quality, and organisational costs.

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Four lessons on reducing no-show rates with health system-provided transportation

by Emily Zuehlke Heuser and Anna Yakovenko August 2, 2018

When Valley Health's community needs assessment showed patients were having trouble getting to appointments, the strategy team at one of their system hospitals—Page Memorial Hospital in Virginia, US—investigated rideshare options as a solution to meet demand and appeal to more patients.

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