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What do finance leaders have to do with high-reliability patient care?

by John Johnston April 19, 2018

The challenges hospitals and health systems face in providing patient care with consistently high levels of safety and quality have never been more complicated, or more important. Inpatient admission data from hospital and health system members of Advisory Board's technology programmes consistently show patient severity levels increasing over the past three years—indicating that hospital inpatients are sicker and that managing their outcomes is more difficult. At the same time, public awareness of safety failures—together with increased attention to quality metrics by consumers and payers—means that performance shortfalls are under greater scrutiny. Furthermore, publicly reported metrics such as rates of hospital-acquired conditions (HACs) and readmissions carry the potential for payment penalties imposed by health plans and government payers alike.

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Do palliative and emergency care go together? St Joseph's Regional Medical Center says yes.

Tomi Ogundimu April 12, 2018

A 25-year old patient was nearing the end of her life after a battle with cancer when she presented to the ED at St Joseph's Regional Medical Center in New Jersey, US, with unmet palliative care needs. Her request of the doctors was simple: keep me out of the hospital. So the St Joseph's team had an idea—they would set up shop in the ED to streamline operations. Like 76% of hospital palliative care programmes, the St Joseph's team already provided these services to ED patients in a consult capacity. Why not base the team’s operations there too?

The resulting ED-based Life-Sustaining Management and Alternatives (LSMA) programme has been providing care to patients with unmet hospice and palliative needs ever since. The programme keeps non-acute patients out of inpatient beds while ensuring they receive appropriate care at the right time, without slowing down ED operations or overwhelming staffing needs.

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We analysed 25 population health interventions—and these 2 give the best 'bang for your buck'

Tomi Ogundimu April 5, 2018

Determining which investments to make in care delivery transformation is a difficult task without good data on initiatives with demonstrated success. While most provider organisations look to adhere to evidence-based guidelines, there are few explicit standards for many innovations in care transformation. To make the right investments that change the care delivery model, population health managers should prioritise initiatives proven to move target metrics related to cost, utilisation, and quality.

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CEO Q&A: Nurse-led 'neighbourhood care' in the Netherlands

by Petra Esseling March 28, 2018

Policy makers and health care leaders point to primary care doctor shortages, patient complexity, ineffective payment models, and care fragmentation as reasons for decreased quality care provision. Innovative solutions to overcome these struggles are piloted widely.

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How a 'God moment' put Terry Shaw on a 35-year path to CEO—all at Adventist Health System

by Eric Larsen, Managing Partner, and Brad Rose, Managing Principal March 20, 2018

In this edition, Terry Shaw, CEO of Adventist Health System in Florida, US, talks to Eric Larsen and Brad Rose about Adventist's approach to spiritual care, why he thinks about growth "like a farmer," and how he plans to turn AHS into a $20 billion system.

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How to get doctors on board with your accountable care goals—in 3 steps

Alicia Daugherty March 14, 2018

Many of our readers have just put the finishing touches on their organisation's strategic plan for 2018. And with tighter margins and more high-risk patients than ever, one common provider goal for 2018 is to progress toward accountable care goals.

This leads us to the hard stuff: getting the right people on board. One key place to start? With your doctors.

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Health care on Aisle 5: Lessons from the global rise in retail care

by Ashley Ford and Rachel Zuckerman March 6, 2018

Is the hospital of the future the pharmacy down the road? Around the world, well-known businesses are establishing retail clinics co-located with pharmacy centres.

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Exclusive: Mayo Clinic CEO on why he's stepping down, Mayo's future, and more

by Josh Zeitlin February 28, 2018

A day after announcing he will step down as Mayo Clinic's president and CEO at the end of 2018, John Noseworthy spoke with the Advisory Board’s Josh Zeitlin about his nine-year tenure as chief executive, his approach to leading through change, and his advice for the Clinic's next leader.

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