Our Week in Europe: 9 Lessons for Global Health System Transformations

Top Lessons in Care Delivery and Payment Transformation from Across the Globe

Dr. Lisa Bielamowicz, Chief Medical Officer & Chas Roades, Chief Research Officer

Last week, we had the pleasure of visiting several of our Global Forum member chief executives across Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. Our visits reaffirmed that health systems are more similar than they are different in today’s evolving environment. Whether operating in single-payer systems, block budgets, or fee-for-service environments, the need to transform the way we deliver and finance care is a universal challenge. Moreover, we need results today—not tomorrow—and we will get there by sharing lessons learned between systems.

The fact is there is a lot noise and ambiguity in the market about what is and isn’t actually working. Below, we’ve compiled our initial insights that translate our findings across borders.

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