Tools for implementing peer review

Facilitate meaningful professional feedback at your institution

We know that performance appraisals are a critical mechanism for giving nurses feedback that fosters personal and professional development. Yet, staff surveys and anecdotal evidence suggest that these conversations aren’t always meaningful, actionable, or effective.

Our advice: don’t overlook the power of peer review, an incredibly valuable way to offer constructive practice feedback and support nurses' development. Sound daunting? It doesn’t need to be. Here are five simple steps—and corresponding tools—to help your organisation get started.

You can download the complete tool suite, or view the individual tools below.

1. See how other organisations have perfected peer review

Start by learning from the experience of St Vincent’s Health Care in Australia, where leaders engaged staff by incorporating peer feedback into appraisals.

Then, watch a Q&A with St Vincent’s and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital to hear implementation tips and lessons directly from leaders involved in executing peer review.

2. Pinpoint your improvement opportunities

Take our questionnaire to assess your readiness for peer review and determine if peer review is right for your organisation.

3. Enfranchise and equip key stakeholders

Use our customisable, pre-formatted PowerPoint presentation to educate key stakeholders on the rationale behind peer review and the implementation processes within your institution.

Access literature-based support for peer review through this bibliography tool. Find further research and guidance on the benefits and implementation of nursing peer review.

Encourage nurses to think through which of their colleagues are best positioned to give them constructive feedback. This peer reviewer selection tool will help nurses make the right choice.

4. Use our templates to accelerate implementation

Create your own peer review form for nurses at your organisation to use to review their peers. This customisable template is based on those used by the organisations featured in the case studies.

5. Revisit and revise your action plan

Measure the impact of your peer review efforts. This assessment will help you understand the effects peer review has at your institution.

Get our tools and tactics for fostering effective peer development, and read more about how to support the goals of peer feedback.

Explore our additional tools and tactics for building a performance management system.

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