The Customisable Waiting Room Care Card

Minimise family anxiety—and questions for your staff

Sample Care Card

It’s tough to balance provider productivity and patient-centredness, and the waiting room is one frequently overlooked opportunity to find equilibrium. By explaining what to expect during procedures, you can neutralise a major source of family anxiety and questions.

We've made it easy. Use our template to create a 'waiting room care card' that addresses key family questions. Just drop in your logo and add your institution’s protocols. Save, print, and start improving your waiting room experience.

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How Baylor uses a waiting room care card to clarify next steps

Baylor Jack and Jane Hamilton Heart and Vascular Hospital in Dallas, Texas, uses this simple, low-cost approach to put families at ease in the waiting room. Baylor's single-page card outlines the approximate duration of procedures, when staff members will provide updates on a loved one’s condition, and whom to contact with questions.

Baylor Waiting Room Care Card

Families appreciate the touch. More than half of family respondents recently surveyed by Baylor "agreed" or "strongly agreed" the waiting room care card reduced their anxiety.

Want more inspiration?

Using the the Global Centre for Nursing Executives' waiting room care card template, our experts have created another sample card—one that addresses known determinants of patient experience. See the sample.

Another way to improve your waiting room experience

Waiting room care cards are just one way to minimise anxiety. You can also keep families busy. Some hospitals hand out puzzles; others have families create Patient Personalisation Posters—just one of many tactics in our Patient Experience Toolkit.

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