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Andrew Rosen is the executive director of international research at the Advisory Board. Andrew has published studies on the future of health care, population health management, hospital strategy and management, medical staff relations, patient throughput, quality and safety, nursing, the patient experience, medical technology, supply chain management, and health care philanthropy. He has worked with governments, hospitals, and health care organisations in over 50 countries and has presented to audiences at over 400 hospitals and health systems around the world.

Andrew graduated with a bachelor of arts from the University of Sydney. He received his MBA in strategy and marketing from Duke University and the Australian Graduate School of Management. Previous to his position at the Advisory Board, Andrew provided leadership training to organisations in the Ukraine, serving as chair to national and international conferences on developments in the not-for-profit sector. He also provided management and marketing consulting services to private and public companies in both Australia and the United States.

Andrew Rosen

Executive Director

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