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We've worked for decades in markets around the world, and we’ve seen the industry change many times. We can help you solve problems in:
  • Care Transformation
  • Doctor Relations
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Emerging and Disruptive Technologies
  • Patient Flow
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Quality

Care Transformation

We provide the latest global intelligence and best practices to help you build the health system of the future.

Doctor Relations

We help you develop the strong medical staff engagement you need to thrive in today’s shifting health care environment.

"Successful CEOs have strong relationships with their doctors. They have a reliable group of physicians who they can depend on for honest feedback regarding hospital initiatives, and who will serve as champions to rally other clinicians to support efforts to improve the hospital."

—Radiologist and Doctor Engagement Expert

Electronic Medical Records

We teach you the best ways to evaluate EMR vendors, and how to measure and achieve meaningful returns on your EMR investments.

Emerging and Disruptive Technologies

Big data, wearable devices, and the rise of biotechnology promise to radically transform medicine in the near term. We keep you ahead of the curve.

Patient Flow

We show you how to minimise capacity pressure and avoid unnecessary bed days to ensure top-tier financial and quality performance.

"[Our goal is to] get so sophisticated in managing care in the community that they wouldn’t have to send patients to the ED in the first place."

—Operations director, Canadian public hospital

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Patient Satisfaction

We help you understand the business case for enhancing the patient experience and teach you how to establish a patient-centred culture.


We help you prepare for a new era of accountability and build an actionable strategy to ensure the high quality care you provide endures.

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