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Daniel is a senior researcher focused on the operational and strategic issues facing the health care industry in multiple countries. He has led best practices studies focused on Emergency Care, Discharge, Multi-morbid patients and Clinical Variation.

Before joining The Advisory Board Company, Daniel represented the Hackett Group, the world’s leading efficiency and effectiveness benchmarking organization, in sub-Saharan Africa. He has more than 10 years of experience in best-practice research, providing advisory services to senior executives in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Daniel’s prior experience includes projects for the United Nations Development Program, the Inter-American Development Bank, The Argentine Ministry of Finance, The Argentine Ministry of Labor, AON, DST, HSBC, Nokia, Solvay and the Czech National Bank, among others. Daniel was a European Union Alpha Fellow, a Fulbright Scholar, and a recipient of the Karl F. Landegger Honors Certificate in International Business Diplomacy.

Daniel holds a BA in political science with a concentration in international political economy from the Catholic University of Cordoba, a Master’s degree in international management from ICHEC (Brussels), and an MBA from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.

Daniel Dellaferrera

Senior Director

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