Orthopedic Market Trends

    About this Webinar

    Accelerating outpatient shift, active but aging populations, and reduced PCP influence are among the major forces disrupting orthopedics care delivery. With the pace of change the orthopedics service line has witnessed over the last number of years, strategic leaders can no-longer rely on a reactive program strategy to drive growth.

    This presentation is designed to help orthopedics strategy leaders familiarize themselves with current and emerging orthopedic trends, and develop a sustainable, future-proof orthopedics growth strategy that is aligned with the major market forces.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • How the increased push towards outpatient care provides a near-term opportunity, but also poses a long-term threat for hospitals and health systems
    • What an aging, active population, and declining PCP-influence means for your orthopedics growth strategy
    • How patient steerage is increasing, and the different avenues programs should explore to increase patient capture

    Presenter: Jai Seth and Rob Ryan

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