July 6, 2021

Weekly review: More than 99% of US Covid-19 deaths are among unvaccinated patients

Daily Briefing

    World Health Organization officials say that fully vaccinated people should still wear masks, an analysis finds that most recent Covid-19 deaths in the United States are among the unvaccinated, and more.

    More than 99% of US Covid-19 deaths are among unvaccinated patients (Monday, June 28)

    As a new analysis reveals that nearly all recent U.S. Covid-19 deaths have occurred in unvaccinated individuals, the Biden administration is gearing up for a new push to vaccinate the so-called "movable middle"—and some public health experts say FDA could advance that goal by fully approving Covid-19 vaccines.

    'Not just another merger': Dr. Gary Kaplan and Ketul J. Patel on the creation of Virginia Mason Franciscan Health (Tuesday, June 29)

    In this edition, Dr. Gary Kaplan and Ketul J. Patel, dyad CEOs of Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, talk with Advisory Board President Eric Larsen about a mind shift around independence, finding inspiration in Japan, and their “relentless” focus on the patient.

    WHO officials: You need to wear a mask—even if you're fully vaccinated (Wednesday, June 30)

    In a split from current CDC guidance, officials with the World Health Organization on Friday said that people fully vaccinated against Covid-19 should continue to wear masks and maintain social distance due to the highly transmissible delta coronavirus variant spreading rapidly worldwide.

    Did you catch the coronavirus after vaccination? Here's what experts say to do next. (Thursday, July 1)

    Vaccines are highly effective at preventing Covid-19—but "breakthrough" infections do occur. Here's what to do if you test positive after being fully vaccinated, according to CDC and other experts, Johnny Diaz writes for the New York Times.

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