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April 3, 2020


Weekly Line: The health care industry is betting big on AI—but providers need to understand its limitations

Around the nation: FDA pulls Zantac, other heartburn drugs off the market

4 lessons from Children's Health RISE Team 'Covid-19 forums' to bolster staff resilience

The number of global Covid-19 cases just surpassed 1M. But is that an undercount?

'It's kind of devastating': When elective surgeries are canceled, patients may face pain and uncertainty

CMS: US health care spending will reach $4T in 2020

'Overrun' hospitals are looking beyond critical care doctors to treat Covid-19

America finally has more Covid-19 tests—but too little capacity to process them. Here are 3 ways labs are responding.

7 lessons on discharge planning during Covid-19 from UW Medicine

Weekend reads: Is it safe to have a coronavirus 'buddy'?

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