December 6, 2018

Architectural Design Showcase: December 2018

Daily Briefing

    The 27th installment of the Daily Briefing's Architectural Design Showcase features seven post acute care centers.

    2018 Architectural Design Showcase
    • Hord Coplan Macht: Sinai Hospital of Baltimore’s state-of-the-art rehabilitation unit for traumatic brain injury patients, designed by Hord Coplan Macht, includes private, ADA-compliant patient rooms, an extensive rehab gym, naturally lit dining, “streetscape” elements mimicking real life situations, and common spaces. Each room features a dedicated nurse work area. (© 2012 Alain Jaramillo)

    • Pacific Medical Buildings (PMB): Community Health Network and Kindred Healthcare formed a joint venture to convert Kindred Hospital Indiana South, a pre-existing 60-bed LTAC hospital, into the 44-bed inpatient Community Rehabilitation Hospital South. PMB was chosen to provide capital and development expertise for the project based on its long-term work with Kindred. (© 2018 Mason Fischer, Fischer Studios)

    • The S/L/A/M Collaborative: The Tannen Cardiac Rehab Center at WCHN Norwalk Hospital consists of a large open gym with a central nurses’ station and a cool-down walking track that defines the gym’s perimeter. Designed by The S/L/A/M Collaborative, the center also houses rest stations along the track with built-in benches that offer respite. (© Alain Jaramillo Photography)

    • SmithGroup: To optimize the experience for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Polytrauma and Blind Rehabilitation Center’s visually impaired patients, SmithGroup worked with architect Chris Downey, who lost his sight shortly before the project began. Chris and the design team worked in a diverse sensory palette of tactile, visual, and auditory elements to provide an immersive healing experience. (© 2017 Tim Griffith and Kyle Jeffers)

    • Stantec: Stantec’s 168-bed rehabilitation hospital at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Sobrato Pavilion combines ICU, acute care, and rehabilitation rooms. The facility also includes pediatric and adult rehabilitation therapy rooms, activities of daily living (ADL) for traumatic brain injury patients, and a therapy pool containing a Gait pool, used to monitor walking. (© 2017 David Wakeley)

    • TMPartners: In 2016, TMPartners designed an 11,000-SF addition to the existing hospital to establish radiation therapy services for Grand Strand Regional Medical Center. The project was completed in 2017 and includes new linear accelerator equipment, exam rooms, and other support spaces. (© 2018 Benton Henry Photography LLC)

    • TreanorHL: TreanorHL designed The Center at Tucson, a 72,915 SF orthopedic skilled nursing facility, which features 96 beds and resort-like accommodations, including private rooms, an inviting community dining area, a physical therapy room, a beauty salon, and gathering spaces for residents to connect with each other, visitors, and staff. (© 2018 Craig Root Imaging)

    Interactive map: Architectural Design Showcase facilities

    Click on the map below to see all the facilities that have been featured in the Daily Briefing's Architectural Design Showcase

     Architectural Design Showcase facilities

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