January 8, 2018

Weekly review: See your hospital's 2018 pay-for-performance penalty or bonus

Daily Briefing

    See your hospital's 2018 pay-for-performance penalty or bonus (Tuesday, Jan. 2)
    Now that CMS has identified the 751 hospitals that will face Medicare payment cuts in FY 2018 under the Hospital-Acquired Conditions Reduction Program, we've estimated how much you stand to gain or lose through the three Medicare pay-for-performance programs this year. See how your hospital fared on our map.

    'This embryo and I could have been best friends': Baby born from embryo frozen 25 years ago (Wednesday, Jan. 3)
    Tina Gibson, a 26-year-old woman from Tennessee, recently gave birth to a baby girl who developed from an embryo frozen in 1992—likely making it the longest-frozen embryo to lead to a birth.

    The 2 scandals engulfing 'Dr. Phil,' explained (Thursday, Jan. 4)
    Former guests allege the "Dr. Phil" show facilitated their use of drugs and alcohol and failed to provide medical supervision, according to a STAT News/Boston Globe investigation. The report also alleged the show featured treatment facilities in exchange for their purchase of a VR product launched by host Philip McGraw.

    CDC wants to prepare you for a nuclear fallout (just in case) (Friday, Jan. 5)
    CDC on Jan. 16 will host a grand rounds to educate health professionals on the public health response to nuclear detonation, the agency announced Thursday.

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