October 15, 2012

Members ask: How do you build a cancer center of excellence?

Daily Briefing

    Given the aging population and changes in our market, we want to elevate our oncology program to become a cancer center of excellence. How would we go about doing that?

    The Oncology Roundtable has developed a range of resources to help members turn their oncology programs into cancer centers of excellence(COE)—an especially important priority, given increasing competition and the transition to value-based reimbursement models.

    Next Generation Tumor Site Strategy Volume I offers a step-by-step guide for designing tumor-site centers of excellence. Volume II includes case studies from best-in-class breast, lung, prostate, and colorectal cancer programs.

    As a complement to that work, the Oncology Roundtable created these four dashboards that provide tumor site-level data on patient demographics, volumes, finances, and even treatment modality by stage:

    But how do you define a 'center of excellence'? What goes into it?

    According to our survey of oncology administrators, a center of excellence includes state-of-the-art technologies, multidisciplinary care, and physicians with strong reputations, among other "Must Have" attributes. For a deeper look into COE definition, members can see the Oncology Roundtable’s Centers of Excellence Survey.

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