The Weekly Briefing, Episode 21: Don't Shoot The Messenger

More than 30,000 people die every year because of gun violence, and Dan, Rivka, and Rob discuss whether it makes sense to think about gun control as a public health issue. They also debate the rising cost of pharmaceutical drugs and whether we're paying too much attention to Sovaldi and Martin Shkreli. And they close the show with their electives, including their accidental tribute to the New York Times Upshot blog.

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Below, we've listed links to some of the stories and resources discussed on this week's show.

Is gun violence a public health issue? (Starts at 2:05)

In October, Dan explored the argument that gun violence should be approached as a public health crisis.

Rivka mentioned a recent podcast episode by Slate's Mike Pesca on gun control issues.

Vox mapped the link between where research dollars go and which health care problems are the biggest.

The fight over pharma (Starts at 17:25.)

Martin Shkreli is unrepentant: In retrospect, he says he would've hiked the price of his drug Daraprim more than 5,000% overnight.

Electives (Starts at 27:50.)

Rivka Friedman, Practice Manager


Rivka touted a new article from Austin Frakt in the New York Times "Upshot" blog on the growing power of algorithms to transform medicine.

Rob Lazerow, Practice Manager


Rob discussed a new piece from Aaron Carroll ... also in the New York Times "Upshot" blog ... on how labeling calories on menus hasn't appeared to make much of a difference in helping fight obesity.

Dan Diamond, Executive Editor


Dan reflected on an article he wrote about why reporters ignore famous female economists ... which was a response to an article by Justin Wolfers in the New York Times "Upshot" blog. (Seriously, we need to coordinate our electives better next week.)

The Weekly Briefing is produced by Bronson Arcuri and Nate Smith this week. Our interns are Emma Kellum and Rachel Woods.

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